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is focused on the guests and on the food, rather than trying to look “Chinese” with dragons and lanterns.  Our “style” is casual, and we try to keep things simple yet classy. Our chef and cooks work tirelessly to craft classic flavors and unique dishes which combine the finest ingredients and seasonings. They pride themselves on the ability to be ORIGINal, in the sense of interpreting the original sense of a very old traditional culinary culture.  Why pretend to be “creative” when you’re working with a culinary tradition which has such deep ORIGINS.  A lifetime of experience cooking this cuisine isn’t enough to learn it all, so O’mei cooks focus on consistent interpretation, and introduction of dishes and flavors many Americans have never experienced.  “Everything ORIGINal, nothing ‘creative’.”

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Seasonal Specialties

Currently Accepting Reservations 

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