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There are currently over 100 years of combined culinary practice in our kitchen, ensuring consistent high quality ingredients and skilled preparation of unique dishes.  We spare no effort to get and use high quality meats and vegetables in our cuisine, but we are especially proud of the huge range of seasonings we use.  Sichuan cuisine demands a wide variety of spices and ingredients that few other cooking styles use, and we have and use them all.  Not just “soy sauce”, but five different kinds.  Not just “vinegar”, but 5 different vinegars.  Two kinds of Sichuan peppercorn, not just one.  As for hot peppers, we use many different preparations from dried chilies to fermented chilies, to our house-pickled red peppers.

O’mei is a Zagat-rated Chinese restaurant with upscale flair to the decor, and understated elegance.  No gaudy red tablecloths or dragons lurking on the chinaware; we guarantee it!

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At O’mei, we brew our own cooking wine for certain dishes, and we cure our own pork for Chinese bacon and ham.  Unlike many places, our Mandarin pancakes and dumplings are all hand-made fresh.

O’mei Restaurant has served our guests excellence in dining ever since 1979, when we first opened for business on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus.  In 1981 we opened our current location, and have satisfied many thousands of guests ever since.

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